Mummas Tips / Feed Back

Other Foods that are fantastic whilst breast feeding Carrots, Spinach, Asparagus, Apricots, Garlic, Alfalfa, Almonds, Nuts, Salmon & fish

and of course WATER drink lots of water to stay hydrated

You are a fantastic mum remember that and don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it. I remember when Harriet was a baby as a new mum it was scary and daunting but watching her grow each day into a now verbal active 3 year old makes those nights a distant memory.  

5★ Sarah

Bickies are amazing!! So good and definitely increase milk production. I’ve been telling all my breastfeeding buddies about them.

5★ Vicky

I was gifted a packed of Mumma Bears lactation cookies while still in hostpital after having Baby Girl. So yummy! They didnt last very long and they were "Mummies booby milk cookies" so the family wouldnt have them. Being a Mum of 3 I did forget about myself a bit so was nice knowing the yummy cookies I was grab were helping me boost my milk supply. From that day I have been a regualar customer and 6 months down the track can probably say im slightly addicted!

5★ Renee

Biscuits are awesome and keep well. Highly recommend to other mums who are busy or are not good at making their own (like me). Victoria is always friendly & easy to deal with. Also she is accommodating to clients who may have dietary restrictions.

5★ Melanie

Since having my baby 4 weeks ago and struggling with getting my milk to come in followed by feeding issues I’ve found ‘Milk it Baby’ products to be an essential part of our feeding journey. I’ve tried the cookies, protein powder and granola, each as tasty as the other. The protein powder is so easy to add to smoothies and I definitely noticed a huge difference in milk supply! The cookies are a perfect size to snack on and the granola is so versatile. Such a great range of products!